Mustelids (Weasel Family)

Past and ongoing projects

Phylogeography of European Mustelids


Molecular Ecology of the Irish pine marten 

Marks 003

Black-footed ferret reintroduction work


Black-footed ferret phylogeography and population genetics


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Mullins J, Statham MJ, Roche T, Turner PD, O’Reilly C (2010) Remotely plucked hair genotyping: a reliable and non-invasive method for censusing pine marten (Martes martes, L. 1758) populations. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 56(3): 443-453.

O’Reilly C, Statham M, Mullins J, Turner PD, O’Mahony D (2008) Efficient species identification of pine marten (Martes martes) and red fox (Vulpes vulpes) scats using a 5′ nuclease real-time PCR assay. Conservation Genetics, 9: 735-738.

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Statham M, Turner PD, O’Reilly C (2005) Use of PCR amplification and restriction enzyme digestion of mitochondrial D-loop for identification of mustelids in Ireland. Irish Naturalist’s Journal, 28: 1-6.


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