Cervids (Deer Family)

Past projects

Screening for resistance and susceptibility to chronic wasting disease in both white-tailed and mule deer in Kansas 


Genetic analysis of a reintroduced population of Rocky mountain elk


With KSU


Conard JM, Statham MJ, Gipson PS, Wisely SM (2009) The influence of translocation strategy and management practices on the genetic variability of a re-established elk (Cervus elaphus) population. Restoration Ecology, 18: 85-93.

Incorporating a landscape approach to the genetic susceptibility of White-Tailed Deer to Chronic Wasting Disease: Implications for epidemiology.  Statham M, Mattox A, Wisely S, Fox L, Cully J. Kansas Natural Resources Conference. Wichita, Kansas. February 2008.


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